Vinyl flooring is incredibly durable and  hard wearing and resistant to dirt and damage. Technological advancements have improved the style, appearance and practicality of vinyl linoleum, making this product a more popular flooring choice.

Total Flooring has the very latest vinyls
in interior trends - styles of wood, ceramic, stone and metal. Vinyl offers best value with a host of unique benefits suitable for commercial and domestic use.

We supply and fit the following vinyl:         

  1. Forbo

  2. Leoline

  3. Marmoleum


Marmoleum is a throughly versatile floorcovering made overwhelmingly from natural and harvestable raw materials such as linseed oil, wood flour, chalk and pine rosin. It's as durable as it is beautiful and as easy to clean as it is on the eye.

As a naturally hygienic floorcovering, Marmoleum is different from most floors. It is made from natural materials, is bacteriostatic, biodegradable, and provides no hiding place for dust mites. It is also easy to clean, hardwearing and comes in a vast range of colours and designs. Marmoleum is the ideal floor for a healthy home.

Marmoleum is hygienic and anti-static. After its long life, it is completely biologically degradable. And so, in the end, the product will give its materials back to nature.

Total Flooring are specialist fitters and stockists of Marmoleum floors and can fit anything from a plain sheet of Marmoleum to your own bespoke design.