Assurance for your

sub-floor preparation

Total Flooring uses Hansons’ SP101 Flooring Plywood in the sub-floor preparation process, as it is the only plywood specifically developed as a flooring underlay to achieve the ‘DIAMOND MARK’ certification.

Specific qualities include:

SP101 Flooring Plywood™ has been developed as a direct result of significant concerns regarding the general quality of plywood substrates used in sub-floor preparation.

Plywood for flooring applications.

Fit for purpose and quality guaranteed.

  1. Diamond Mark approved by Technology
    For Timber Ltd.

  2. Thicker face veneers – Outer veneers
    at a minimum of 0.75mm.

  3. Thickness tolerances of ±0.2mm
    (3.6mm & 5.5mm) or ±0.3mm (9mm).

  4. Overlay quality veneers without core
    gaps or overlap.

  5. Relaible glue line performance Highest specification glue lines to EN314-2
    Class 3 and LFE E1 emissions class.

  6. Accurate dimensional tolerances.

  7. Very high quality and uniform face.

  8. CFA Guidance Note specification.

  9. Moisture content 8-10%.

  10. EU Timber Regulation legality compliance.

“Hanson Plywood Limited are proud that our SP101 is associated with Total’s Floorings stunning work!”