Vinyl flooring is incredibly durable and  hard wearing and resistant to dirt and damage. Technological advancements have improved the style, appearance and practicality of vinyl linoleum, making this product a more popular flooring choice.

Total Flooring has the very latest vinyls
in interior trends - styles of wood, ceramic, stone and metal. Vinyl offers best value with a host of unique benefits suitable for commercial and domestic use.

We supply and fit the following vinyl:         

  1. Forbo

  2. Leoline

  3. Marmoleum


LEOLAN has rapidly evolved into a leader in the today UK market of vinyl floor coverings. The rationality of the production and the enthousiastic management are the principal guarantees of efficient quality management.

“Never take anything for granted”, is our motto. 

We are constantly striving to improve our technology and always looking for ways to innovate. We are not only developing stronger, more durable LEOLAN products, but also products that are more appealing and creative. The service to our customers is also included in this strive for innovation and improvement. 

Another major issue is the presentation of our products in the market. Good products need an excellent presentation. The 5th generation of the LEOLAN display proves our success in this matter.