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Natural floorings are woven from naturally grown fibres and grasses, available in their natural colour or dyed. They use some of
the finest plant fibre materials sourced from around the world. The texture and quality is ideal for mixing traditional with contemporary styles.

Total Flooring will be able to advise you where to use natural flooring, as some
are not recommended for stairs, due to flexibility or bathrooms for damp.


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Seagrass is a strong resistant, versatile and least expensive natural floor coverings. Grown in paddy-like fields and coastal regions in China and India. The fields are flooded with sea
water and when harvested and dried spun into yarn, that
makes the beautiful carpets. Seagrass is a stable, almost impermeable fibre, highly resistant to dirt and stains. It has
an attractive twill look with a mix of natural colours.


Sisal is the toughest and one the most expensive natural
floor coverings. The smoother pile creates a more sophisticated look and is available in a wide range of styles and colours.
Made from the Agave bush found in Brazil, Africa and Africa
it’s hard-wearing, anti static, and dyes very well. Good on stairs where its texture works well with borders and is probably the
best natural fibre to use in bedrooms.


Coir is one of the coarsest of all the natural fibres and has a
tough and slightly course finish. Made from coconut husks it
is softened in fresh water and spun and woven, usually by
hand. Coir is extremely hard wearing due to the strength
in the extremely strong fibres. Not suitable for bathroom or
kitchen areas - as water can have an adverse effect on
the carpet.


Jute is the finest and softest of  all the other natural floorings.
Jute comes from the Genus Cochorous plant which grows

in the more humid parts of Bangladesh. The fibres once washed and dried in the sun are spun into tight boucle weaves or very chunky tweeds. The finish is a biscuit colour best used in light wearing areas such as bedrooms.


Surprisingly strong and durable, paper floor coverings are a practical and decorative option with a clean, crisp definition
which works well in today's interiors. Unlikely though it
sounds, paper really is an extremely durable and very
versatile floor covering.